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Zazzle offers a lot of merchandise for sale to the on-line community, including keychains, T-shirts, mugs… even skateboards and sneakers! There are also a heck of a lot of designs by a heck of a lot of artists – some really good, some really bad, and some so-so. In this blog, I’ll be bringing you the best designs by the best artists at Zazzle – in my opinion, anyway. 🙂 So sit back, relax, and let me do the driving. The destination may be unknown, but you’re going to enjoy the ride. Trust me. If you want to bring my attention to a Zazzle artist you’d like to see featured here, leave a comment.
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Namaste Y’all

Getting fit with yoga is the new black! Don’t you just love the “yo-ga gu-gu” and “buddha baby” designs? Find your kind of wearable art – kawaii (Japanese for “cute”) or an “I love yoga” bee *self-pimping* or anything else you want to share with your yoga class and your friends while you stretch your way to a healthier lifestyle.

bee_fit_yoga_shirt-p235477752997057597t507_525 bee_fit_yoga_keychain-p146776492268522365td8i_210

om_boy_buddha_tshirt-p235937662730405083trgd_210 go_with_the_flow_lotus_flower_tshirt-p235808296259637818tdaf_210

yoga_speak_baby_buddha_baby_face_flesh_tshirt-p235685921964304930qqv4_210 yoga_speak_baby_yo_ga_gu_gu_tshirt-p235476424732192622snga_525

yoga_speak_speak_yoga_tshirt-p235931410860977140qi4v_210 yoga_speak_yoga_abcs_tshirt-p235769023424951840t5uc_525

yoga_tshirt-p235012230452949126a86c3_525 evolution_yoga_mousepad-p144118699062125654td22_525

sleep_yoga_eat_repeat_tshirt-p235874928491288770q6lx_525 yoga_speak_baby_the_sun_the_moon_the_stars_shoes-p167404945955938933scag_525


Don’t worry, “bee” happy with lots of sweet bee designs! The CorrieWeb store at Zazzle (yep, the first two mugs are mine, the two T-shirts and one of the shoes shown below) is one of the biggest bee stores on-line with 100s of great bee designs on all kinds of merchandise. There are other artists, too, who venture into bee territory – the honeycomb shoe is really cute, as is the daisy mug.  It’s sweet like honey.  I think I want that one for my birthday. 🙂




The perfect gift

There are some very sweet holiday designs at Zazzle, and I’m showcasing a few of my favorites. I particularly like the folk art angel on the black T-shirt. Don’t forget most Zazzle artists put their designs on a variety of products from mugs to keychains to postage stamps, so if you really like a piece of art, it’s a good idea to check out the artist’s store and see what merchandise is on offer.

candy-cane-shirt  fatfatin-shirt
duda-postage  lisamarie-cat-postage1
carolers-card  kisses-mistletoe-card
fat-man-button  musa-santa-tie
santa-smiles-shirt  mesadoe-cat-sculpture

Gift tags, greeting cards and gifts for everybody on your “nice” list – these Christmas-themed designs are sure to tickle anyone’s funny bone!  Just in time for the holidays, you can take advantage of Zazzle’s frequent promotions during the season. Most promotions are short-lived, so be sure to check the store and see how much you can save while not feeling like a Scrooge. 🙂

candlemoose-gifttag  giraffe-gifttag
snowboar-gifttag  rudolph-gifttag
ho-ho-ho-panda-shirt  fleece-navidad-shirt
lesbian-gingerbread-mug  merry-fitness-reindeer
jingle-bee-shirt  merry-fitness-shirt

 And if you’re looking for a holiday card that’s fabulous for gays and lesbians, as well as their family and friends, we’ve got a great little collection of gingerbread (and snow folks) dykes n’ daddies this year! Blank inside, you can use them as greeting cards or party invitations. The designs (more than you see here, by the way) are available not just greeting cards, either, but on all kinds of products at our Zazzle store, including magnets and T-shirts. You can show your pride with a sprinkle of tinsel and a big seasonal smile! 🙂

kind-of-a-drag-card leatherdaddy-gingerbread-card
gay-couple-mario drag-queen-shirt
lesbian-couple-card leatherdaddy-snowman-card
leatherdaddy-magnet gay-gingerbread-couple-shirt

Black cats are anything but bad luck, especially at Halloween! These are some of my favorite spooky kitties. Isn’t the notecard with the witch and haunted house fantastic? Don’t forget Zazzle has a promotion until the end of October where you can get five free cards – see last 2 posts for details. Let any of these black cats cross your path, and I guarantee your Halloween will filled with smiles.



Continuing with a greeting cards theme (hey, you can get five free greeting or notecards at Zazzle; see my previous post for details and shopping code), I’m showcasing these spook-tacular pumpkin and jack o’lantern card designs. Aren’t they wand-erful! (Sorry, bad puns are a Halloween curse!) I particularly love the expression on the last jack o’lantern’s “face.” The free cards promo ends October 31, 2008, so there’s plenty of time to treat yourself and grab these goodies!